Our approach

We work individually with each client. Every client is offered the opportunity to needs analysis, identification of alternatives and implementation.

A) Needs analysis

We explore the needs of the organization with respect to the specific requirements and characteristics of the corporate culture. It is important to include in this process the perspective of the team that will benefit from the program. Needs analysis may include:

  • Visit to the workplace and observation.
  • Meetings with managers and employees.
  • Case Studies.
  • Training needs questionnaire.
  • Meeting with the trainee group.
  • Diagnostic tools and evaluation tools, depending on the organization, its culture and any special conditions.

B) Offering solutions

After studying the data and analysing all the necessary information, we prepare our proposal, which may include a combination of services in order to achieve the agreed objective.

What can be included in our proposal?

  • Counselling Services
  • Coaching services
  • Training Services
  • Human Resource Services

We believe in the power of each process, as individual and group growth opportunities emerge through different routes and combinations. Thus the effect is maximized.

These fields can be combined producing greater results in a team as well as an organization.

When our proposal is presented we welcome the opportunity to hear your thoughts and reshape the final solution based on your observations.

C) Implementing Solutions

Our values drive the way we implement the selected solution.

One month’s support is provided after the implementation of the selected actions via your chosen method of contact (eg. e-mail, telephone call, social media etc.)

D) Evaluation – outcomes assessment

The implementation of the project is followed by the evaluation stage where the results are assessed. This stage may include:

  • Evaluation questionnaire followed by the relevant report.
  • Collecting performance data in relation to the goal, before and after the implementation of the project.
  • Conducting interviews with managers and employees.
  • 360° evaluation.
  • Other assessment method or tool, depending on the specific needs of each project.