Human Resource Services

Our experience in HR departments, in Greek and multinational companies, enables us to provide our clients a set of services that can be combined to the HRD activities. Some areas, we are specialized in, are:

Strategic Human Resources

  • Creation and communication of vision and values.
  • Mapping the existing department structure and organization.
  • Optimal human resource allocation.
  • Job descriptions.
  • Development and implementation of human resources policies.

Training and Development

  • Design and implementation of training programs based on training needs analysis.
  • Creation and implementation of appraisal policies and management of human resources performance.
  • Connecting training systems, evaluation of performance and rewards.

Hiring employees

  • Attracting candidates & selection interviews.
  •  Diagnostic tools.


  • Creating policies and managing human resources’ benefits.

Employee relationships and connection with the community

  • Planning, organization and implementation of projects that develop relations within the company and with the community.
  • Design and implementation of policies that shape trust, creativity and cooperation within the company, according to specific needs and objectives.

Health and Safety

  • Design and implementation of systems that ensure health and safety in the workforce according to the company’s needs (security procedures, sanitary regulations, ergonomics, etc.).

Organizing meetings and corporate events

Organizing a meeting or a corporate event is not only an event management! Whenever we bring together people or groups, interaction and relationships can produce excellent results. Through the appropriate processes, our goal is to highlight interaction and produce results that benefit the organization.

If you wish to organize an event with activities that will bring creativity, satisfaction, joy and development, you have the opportunity to offer your team or the company something different! Something that will exceed their expectations!
If you want to organize a trip for your group, the monthly meeting of the Department, an event that will bring the whole company together, please email us so we can suggest ideas and actions that will exceed the ordinary.