We, Bulgarian women, think that the answer to a relationship that is happy shocks and spontaneity.

We, Bulgarian women, think that the answer to a relationship that is happy shocks and spontaneity.

Investing in a wife from russia. 1 day you could return home to get you hazel-eyed, brunette woman being a sparkling blonde; for a Saturday she’ll simply just take you on a week-end escape to her selo in Kyustendil and then thing you realize, she’ll be driving you throughout the border to Greece for many olives and baklava, and then show that her baklava is waaay better. Best of luck staying bored!

2. You’ll get fat from all the banitsa.3. The marriage will be a circus.

We want to ruin our boyfriends. That you trust our superior self-medication skills enough) if you’re sick, we’ll nurse you to health (provided. If you’re sad, we’ll be your shrink and pay attention patiently. Our moms show us the“a that is classic love goes through their stomach, ” therefore prepare for opulent dinners of banitsa, skara, guyvetch, musaka, keks and other things you ever liked or didn’t understand you liked yet. Better put your jeans out of the screen because you’re rising a size, mister!

Do you ever see My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Well, that positively pertains to us, Bulgarians, too. Jesus forbid you ever married your girlfriend that is bulgarian you’ll be partying for 3 times directly along with your brand brand new brothers and sisters-in-law, cousins, aunts, uncles and nephews. You’ll be dancing evenings away, accompanied by photographers as well as an accordion band, therefore the thing that is whole run you lower than $5,000 due to the fact BGN has reached a price begging become purchased.

4. You’ll inherit her crazy household. 5. She’s mystical.

Care: if you’re an just kid you need to be particularly weary about getting severe together with your Bulgarian girlfriend! Had been one to be involved to her, you’re additionally making dedication to her parents, siblings and cousins, therefore you’ll not have one minute alone between pounding shots of rakiya along with her grandpa, being given shkembe by her aunt that is great and along with her dad during the forests of Golyam Varbovnik.

You’ll often view your girlfriend and wonder what thoughts whirl behind those pretty eyes that are green. Dark and enchanting, Bulgarian women can be a variety of Russian, Turkish, Greek, Macedonian as well as other countries around, intertwined by a typical history, and our exotic features let us keep our thoughts to ourselves while you admire our flawless exterior if we choose to.

6. Her milkshakes bring most of the guys towards the garden.

As Zoolander would place it: “we’re actually actually actually good-looking! ” Reality. You’ll possess some tough competition so that you better bring about your A game. I’m chatting flowers and bonboni, compliments and small shock gift suggestions, to cause you to get noticed through the other countries in the glarusi.

7. You’ll have actually to work through.

We, Bulgarian women, spend an amount that is tremendous of to your numbers, as this really is just just how our moms raised us. (even today we seldom consume bread, many many many thanks mother! ) you better keep up, boy whether we go jogging at the Borisova Gradina, hike in Vitosha or hit the gym, we’re always in an envy-worthy shape, so!

8. You’ll have actually to earn her dad’s respect during the table.

Okay, off her feet among the other admirers, so what so you were the lucky one to sweep her? We hate to break it to you, you have actuallyn’t won your ex over unless you’ve “seduced mail order wives? her daddy. (Strictly metaphorically speaking, usually do not mention any strange such things as that to him! ) You need to continue with her dad’s appetite for eating and ingesting, need to sjust how just how respectful you’re and state your motives obviously. In general, it is a lot like an Ivy League university application — difficult but beneficial.

9. You’ll get bankrupt on flowers.

Ah, but who are able to place a cost tag on love, right? The Bulgarian maslodayna flower is our national pride and a lot of stunning flower within the whole nation. Fill up on fresh flowers and balms to surprise her with, without any event whatsoever.

10. She’ll never require a bandaid.

Don’t expect your woman that is bulgarian to crying for your requirements whenever confronted with problems. Her strong and separate persona will decide to decide to try anything feasible to solve it alone, and could not ask become rescued by anybody. She’s the Snow White that has the 7 dwarves straightening down her posh apartment while she had been throwing the wicked queen’s ass, no prince bullsh*t.

11. You’ll break an ankle dance horo.

You have to know just how to dance. I suggest you take a lesson or two ASAP, because you’ll need it if you don’t! Between evening mehana gatherings and all-day Trifon Zarezan festivities, there are many occasions to commemorate than times of the season, so get the Dunavsko Horo directly.

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